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Christine Bernardi Award on high-order approximations for the solution of PDE’s

Deadline for Nomination: October 15, 2018

The Scientific Committee of the ICOSAHOM Conference is currently seeking nominations for the “Christine Bernardi Award”, which will be presented to a woman born in 1978 or later for her outstanding contributions in the area of “high-order approximations for the solution of PDE’s”.

The award is presented this year to honor Christine Bernardi, CNRS senior researcher at Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions at Sorbonne University (formerly known as Université Pierre et Marie Curie) in numerical analysis, who prematurely passed away on March 10, 2018. She was a leading figure in the domain of finite element and spectral methods, and had contributions both in delicate a priori and a posteriori estimates and in new numerical approaches in fluid flows and electromagnetism.

The recipient will be selected by members of the Scientific Committee of the ICOSAHOM Conference for her leading contributions attested both by her scientific achievements as well as her implication in the community life, like Christine Bernardi did.

The 2018 Christine Bernardi Award will be presented with a €1,000 cash prize during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Laboratoire Jacques Louis Lions where she was working. The Laureate will be invited to give a talk at this occasion.

Nominations should be submitted to Professor Yvon Maday by October 15, 2018 through the web page written below. The nomination letter should contain a two pages CV, the list and access to 5 major publications in the last 5 years and a two pages description of the candidate’s work. Please be sure to include a brief paragraph discussing why you believe this scientist should receive the award, this will be used for the official nomination award. Self nomination are not accepted.

Questions and contact: C_Bernardi_award@ljll.math.upmc.fr